Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What To Do In Case of A Car Accident In Spain

Most of us at some point in our driving lifetime will unfortunately have an accident.  Whether it is your fault or the other party, would you know what to do? 

Hopefully this short guide might help you:

Check that everyone is ok and no one is requiring medical attention. If medical assistance is required call 112 and request an ambulance (you will get the police as well).

If the vehicles are blocking the road, move them (if possible) out of the way of the traffic. If not, put out the warning triangles and get someone to assist with directing/stopping the oncoming traffic. Take photos of the vehicles before they are moved and the individual damge on both afterwards. Most mobile phones have a camera nowadays.

Both parties complete the Accident Statement Form (Declaraci√≥n Amistosa de Accidente). Make sure that all the details are correct and that a cross has been inserted into the middle panel (Circumstances) to show what was happening just prior to the accident. Draw a picture in the box and both parties sign the document. Ensure that you are happy with the information on the document before you sign it. If details are incorrect and you sign this document, you are confirming that you agree with the incorrect details.

This is where the fun begins.  If the the other party has completed their part in Spanish and you don´t understand it, or they have completed a Spanish version of the from. Where possible, we always send our clients a copy of the form in English, so get your copy out and check the translation of the various parts of the form. You possibly won´t be able to understand what the other party has completed in Observations, but make sure that your part is correct.

Check that the drawing represents what happened. ONLY sign the document if you are happy that it represents what actually happened. Once the signed form is sent to the insurance company they will act on the details provided. If the other party was at fault, but have indicated that the accident was your fault and you have signed the document to confirm this, without putting any comments of your own, you might find yourself being held responsible and losing your no claims bonus. If a third party (even the Police) fill out the form for you, check as best you can that the details are a correct representation, as even they get it wrong sometimes.

The form is in 2 parts and each party should keep a part to hand to their insurance company.

Happy motoring.

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