Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Car Hire Excess Cover - So Much Cheaper with Us

Many of us hire a car when we head off abroad to visit the relatives/friends, on holiday during the year, or locally if our car has broken down. Have you considered how much you end up paying to make sure that the excess on your hire car is at a reasonable level and not in the thousands?

How many times has your original cost increased when you get to the desk, due to the insurance extras?

I was recently quoted £126 per week if I wanted to reduce the excess to £400, or £182 per week to reduce it to £0. More than I was paying for the car rental for the week according to the price on the website!  Having looked around this appeared to be more or less the standard cost between different companies.

The good news is - We can now offer a Car Hire Excess Policy, which will cover all those insurance extras that the hire company adds on, but for a fraction of the price. To give you an example - annual policy, multi trip within Europe for 2 drivers £46.64 annual premium. For those of you that travel Worldwide, the price increases slightly to £57.01.

Cover Includes:
Excess Reimbursement Europe - £5.000
Excess Reimbursement Worldwide - £50.000
Baggage Cover (overall limit) - £300
Key Cover (per claim/insurance period) - £500 / £500
Lockout - £100
Mis fuelling - £500

Why pay more to the car hire company when this will cover you at a fraction of the price.

For more details or a quotation, please contact us on Tel: 96 649 3762 or email info@dragoninsure.com