Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More Potential Changes to Traffic Legislation

In our last posting we advised you of some of the changes in legislation that had been passed through the Spanish Congress and maybe coming into Law in the coming months. Now that you have had time to digest these, we thought you might like a few more.

Alcohol and Drug Tests for Pedestrians - Any pedestrian caught violating a traffic regulation i.e crossing the road in the wrong place or jay walking for example will be required to undertake a drug and alcohol test. Previously this was only required if you were involved in an accident.

No Minimum Speed Restrictions for Bicycles - Apparently this is to solve a problem faced by cyclists in cities. Personally I think they would be better enforcing cyclists to have better manners on the roads and cycle in single file and not in groups.  Whilst we are talking about cycling, Helmets Will Be Mandatory in Cities for Cyclists Under 16. Originally the plan was to make helmets mandatory for all cyclists, but it has been decided that only children under 16 must wear them. A fine of 200euros for the childs parents if they don't comply.

Dropping Items on the Road - Will carry higher penalties than at present, as dropping anything from your vehicle whilst on the road is considered to be a danger to other road users.

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Less Driving Restrictions for Cancer Patients - Under present legislation there are restrictions and rules that limit or prohibit cancer patients from driving, unless their doctor intervenes with the traffic authorities on their behalf. This is set to change to allow more cancer patients the freedom to continue driving. It does look like this might depend on their general health and cancer treatment they are receiving, but is welcome news.

New Speed Limits - Consideration is being given to increase the speed limit from 120km/h to 130km/h. This is scheduled to be reviewed in June. Penalties for exceeding the speed limit will remain the same, starting at a fine of 100euros for up to 150km/h and increasing accordingly.

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