Thursday, 18 December 2014


I think we can all agree that so far Autumn and the start of Winter here in Spain have been warmer than expected and long may it last. However, I am sure that some of you are already looking to book a cruise or long stay trip somewhere in warmer climes, anticipating the drop in temperature here as Winter progresses.

Whatever your travel plans we can help with your travel insurance. Cruising, long stay travelling, year out back packing, family skiing, Europe or Worldwide cover, not a problem.

We can offer trip travel policies for persons of any age and look at cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

If the cost of your trip is in excess of the standard value covered for cancellation, we can offer an extension to the cover for you with our policy.

Young travellers off back packing or taking a year out to see the world can be covered for long term travel. We can also include cover for course fees if you decide to study abroad.

We often get asked if our travel policies will cover a cruise. Yes of course. Our standard policies are designed to cover as many eventualities as possible, with some additional add on elements, like winter sports.

Thinking of booking your trips for 2015? Contact us to see what our travel insurance can offer you, at competitive prices too.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Vehicle Accident Forms - Do You Know How To Complete It?

We all live in the hope that we won't have an accident whilst out and about driving, but unfortunately it is likely that at some point during our driving life an accident will befall us, whether our fault or someone else's.  If this happens do you know how to complete the Accident Statement or DeclaraciĆ³n de Amistosa Accidente?

It is important that both parties complete the form with as many details as you can and sign it. That said, if you don't understand what you are signing, then try to obtain assistance. The contents of this document will be used by the insurance company to assess culpability.  Whilst person B might stand in front of you admitting liability, that might not be what they put on the form and you might end up being held liable and losing your no claims bonus for something that you didn't do.

If the police are called, again make sure the the information on the form is correct before you sign and ask for the policeman's details. They might be useful later on if there is a conflict of version of events.

Some companies will only accept the Spanish version of the form. If you have only got a Spanish version, obtain one in English so that you can check when filling the form out what the Spanish means.

Make sure you tick all the boxes and make a drawing of the events, carefully marking vehicle A and B.

You get 7 days to present the documentation to your insurance company or agent. After this time, be assured you will be contacted if person B has started the process before you.

The DGT have recently carried out a very small survey of drivers and discovered that only 4% knew how to complete the form properly.

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Do You Rent Your House Out? Is Your Insurance Correct?

At this time of year many of you will have rented out your properties on short term holiday lets, which is fine, but did you remember to advise your insurance company of the change of status?

For your home insurance to be valid you need to advise your agent or insurer of any changes that occur, which includes renting out whether short or long term. Generally the status of your property can be changed without a problem when you start to rent out and again when you finish. Whilst the premium might adjust slightly, it is worth it to ensure that you have proper cover.  You don't want to give the underwriter a reason not to pay your claim!

Always make sure that you check the terms of your insurance whilst renting, as you may find that some of the covers are not the same as they are when it is a permanent home.  One change that springs to mind relates to your valuables. Don't leave any valuable items in the property when you are renting, as generally theft by tenants won't be covered.

You also need to check that you have third party liability cover included, and the value of this cover. Whilst Spain doesn't in itself have a culture of suing for every small thing, other nationalities might have different views and it is better to be safe than sorry. Who knows when an accident will occur.

If you are renting out long term, ask us about a special policy that provides additional cover for you.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Are You Giving Your Hard Earned Money Away Unnecessarily?

We are all either currently working or have worked hard for our money and paid our taxes accordingly, but are you giving away money to the Taxman that you don´t need to?

Did you know that the Spanish Tax authorities have actually approved some types of investments where your capital can be left to grow without being taxed?

Working in conjunction with Totus Consulting, a well established firm of Independent Financial Advisers that are fully regulated within Europe, we can offer a FREE, no obligation financial health check for you.

It will give you peace of mind that your money is working in accordance with your wishes and you are not paying too much tax.  Our prime objective is to provide tax efficient investment planning advice that is tailor made for your individual circumstances, including the issue of inheritance tax in Spain and the UK.

At the first meeting we will be looking to establish your financial objectives and define the amount of risk you are willing to take towards those objectives. We will then confirm our proposals in a recommendation report for you to consider. This report will explain how we can make your personal finances more tax efficient.

Don´t forget the review is free, without obligation and you could save money in tax. All we need is around 30 minutes for you to answer a few questions. What could be easier?

To arrange an appointment please Tel: 96 649 4176 or email:

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Update on Changes to Traffic Laws

In our previous 2 articles we advised you that there were going to be some changes to the traffic laws, but no dates had been advised for implimentation. Well it would appear that a some of these changes have now come into force.

From 9th May 2014 the following changes have been implimented:

The use of devices to warn of radar and camera speed traps are banned. If found using these devices the fine will be 200euros and the loss of 3 points from your licence. In addition, if you are caught using a radar inhibitor, the fine is up to 6.000euros and the loss of 6 licence points. GPS systems which warn of speed cameras must have this option deactivated or you've guessed it there will be a fine.

Child restraints in cars will now depend on the height of the child and not age or weight. Those under 1.35m in height must have a child seat and must not travel in the front, unless all the back seats are taken by smaller children, or if there is no back seat. Fines up to 200euros and you might find the police immobilising your vehicle on the spot.

Speeding fines will range from 100euros with no licence points to 600euros with up to 6 points lost. The period to pay the reduced fine has been increased from 15 to 20 days. The main change has been the margin allowed over the speed limit. This used to be 3%, but is now just 1km per hour!!

Cyclists under 16 must wear a safety helmet at all times. Over 16's must wear a helmet when using main roads. Failure to do so could result in your bicycle or motorcycle being immobilised by the police or up to a 200euro fine. In the case of under 16's the parents will be held responsible for the fine.

Drivers suspected of taking drugs will face a 1.000euro fine if a saliva test proves positive. The presence of drugs in the body will be enough for the police to convict you.

Drink drivers face fines of up to 500euros and the loss of 6 licence points for first time offenders. If caught a 2nd time in the same year you can face up to a 1.000euros fine and the loss of 6 points.  Pedestrians may also be drug and alcohol tested if found to be in breach of road safety rules.

As we get more information we will keep you updated. 

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More Potential Changes to Traffic Legislation

In our last posting we advised you of some of the changes in legislation that had been passed through the Spanish Congress and maybe coming into Law in the coming months. Now that you have had time to digest these, we thought you might like a few more.

Alcohol and Drug Tests for Pedestrians - Any pedestrian caught violating a traffic regulation i.e crossing the road in the wrong place or jay walking for example will be required to undertake a drug and alcohol test. Previously this was only required if you were involved in an accident.

No Minimum Speed Restrictions for Bicycles - Apparently this is to solve a problem faced by cyclists in cities. Personally I think they would be better enforcing cyclists to have better manners on the roads and cycle in single file and not in groups.  Whilst we are talking about cycling, Helmets Will Be Mandatory in Cities for Cyclists Under 16. Originally the plan was to make helmets mandatory for all cyclists, but it has been decided that only children under 16 must wear them. A fine of 200euros for the childs parents if they don't comply.

Dropping Items on the Road - Will carry higher penalties than at present, as dropping anything from your vehicle whilst on the road is considered to be a danger to other road users.

50% Discount on Fines Paid Within 20 Days - Pay early and pay less.

Less Driving Restrictions for Cancer Patients - Under present legislation there are restrictions and rules that limit or prohibit cancer patients from driving, unless their doctor intervenes with the traffic authorities on their behalf. This is set to change to allow more cancer patients the freedom to continue driving. It does look like this might depend on their general health and cancer treatment they are receiving, but is welcome news.

New Speed Limits - Consideration is being given to increase the speed limit from 120km/h to 130km/h. This is scheduled to be reviewed in June. Penalties for exceeding the speed limit will remain the same, starting at a fine of 100euros for up to 150km/h and increasing accordingly.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Potential Changes to Traffic Legislation

In a recent meeting of Congress, new traffic legislation has been passed that will affect motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on Spanish highways. Whilst the laws will not come into effect for some months and might need some additional regulations to put them into practice, you might want to keep them in mind when you are out and about.

Small Children may NOT Ride in the Front Seat - Drivers found to be carrying children under 1.35meters in height in the front passenger seat can be stopped and fined, unless all the back seats are already taken up by other children also under the height limit, or the car has no back seats. Taxies will also have to follow the same rules, but the parents and not the taxi driver will be held responsible for any violations, with fines up to 200euros.

Foreign Residents MUST Register their Vehicles - Until now foreign residents living in Spain did not have to register their vehicles here, but this is another change for the future. New regulations will require registration of your vehicle and give deadlines for this. This is believed to have been brought about as in current practice it is difficult to enforce traffic fines or legal controls if the vehicles are not registered.

Fines for Driving After Taking Drugs - Police won't have to prove that the use of drugs has influenced a persons driving abilities. If the results of a saliva test show drugs in the body, the driver can expect a 1.000euro fine. Prescription drugs are excluded from this.

Ban on Speed Camera Detectors and Jammers - The use of either of these items will be prohibited. Drivers caught using Speed Camera Detectors will be liable for fines of 200euros and 3 points off their licence, whilst the use of Speed Camera Jammers will entail a 6.000euro fine and 6 points off their licence. GPS devices that include Speed Camera Detectors will have to deactivate this option or users will also receive a fine.

Police Can Impose Fines Without Stopping the Vehicles - Officers will be able to fine vehicles without stopping them, if the police are performing duties that prevent them from doing so or giving chase.

And finally

Larger Fines for Drunk Drivers - In a bid to reduce the numbers of drunk drivers on Spanish roads, anyone found to be driving with double the allowed limit of alcohol in the blood will receive a fine of 1.000euros, rather than the current 500euros. If you are unlucky and get caught twice in the same year, the fine increases to 2.000euros.

There are more to come that we will advise you of in our next posting.

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Free Healthcare For Early Retirees Under Review by UK Government

Some of you may have heard in the news this week that the British Government are considering axing the current reciprocal arrangements for health care for early retirees living in EU Countries. In a bid to reduce costs, the UK estimates that cancelling this service will save around 4 million Pounds per year.

Under the current system, early retirees who have made sufficient national insurance contributions can obtain an S1 form from the Department of Health in the UK, which will provide up to 2.5 years health cover in another EU country. The system was originally set up to assist those moving to a new country whilst they settled into their new home, looked for work and established themselves. If medical services were needed in the new country the S1 form would be accepted and the medical treatment paid for by the UK Goverment.

If and when the UK Government decide to axe this service, they have advised that it will only affect new applicantes. Anyone who is currently receiving treatment under the S1 scheme will continue to do so (at present anyway), until their form expires.

There have been some suggestions that the scheme will be cancelled in April, but this has not been confirmed. We will keep you posted as and when we receive additional information.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Apartment Home Insurance - Is Yours Properly Covered?

We meet many clients who live in apartment blocks and want cover for their individual apartments. Most only want contents cover, as they assume, rightly or wrongly that the buildings cover is provided by the community. Whilst in some cases this maybe true, in most you will find that isn't the case.

Most community insurance policies in Spain cover the external fabric of the building and communal facilities. They expect you, as the owner of your apartment to cover the internal fabric, walls, electrics, plumbing etc.

It is always worth checking the cover included within your community policy before you take out your own insurance. Whilst you don't want to pay for something your don't need, it is important that you are properly covered should problems arise.

Whilst this is an extreme case, if the building is demolished due to an accident, the community insurers will rebuild the block and it's communal features i.e. Staircases, swimming pool, terrace areas etc. As an owner you will receive a nice box with 4 walls and electrics/plumbing that stop at your door. Probably not quite what you had in mind!

Your individual buildings cover should include the cost of rebuilding the internal walls and adding electrics, plumbing and any other fixed features that you might have. Some policies will include kitchen and bathroom fittings as buildings, whilst others consider them to be contents. Always useful to check. In order to calculate a rebuild figure for your buildings cover, we would need to know the square meterage of your apartment, including any private terracing you may have and the age of the building.

Contents should be considered in exactly the same way as any other home, whether for permanent living or holidays. Have a look around your property and do a small calculation per room to estimate approximately how much it would cost you to replace all the items in that particular room - you maybe surprised at the outcome. Don't forget clothes, shoes and other personal items as these can mount up too, especially for us ladies. Make a note of any jewellery or items of special value, as these may need to be listed separately on the policy, depending on the value.

Feel free to contact use for quotations, information and advice. Tel: 966 493 762, email: or pop into our office: Calle Mercado 22bajo, 03726 Benitachell, Alicante

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Are Your Car Insurance Documents Correct?

You've contacted the insurance company, made the arrangements for the insurance, paid the premium and the documents have arrived. Did you actually check them before putting them in the glove box?

It is important that you check that the basic information on the policy i.e. name, address, vehicle description and most importantly Registration Number are correct.

Why is the registration number most important?  Whether your vehicle is UK or Spanish registered the registration number will be used to register your vehicle as being insured on the MID (UK) or Trafico (Spain) databases.  It is these databases that the police use to check if your vehicle is insured if you are stopped whilst out and about. An error in the registration number and your vehicle won't show up which could result in a fine. We are all human and these things happen occasionally. Over the telephone letters and numbers can be misheard or accidentally transposed. 2 minutes just to check that it is all correct could save you hassle and money.

Recently, Trafico have been sending letters out showing the details that they have on you and your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't have an ITV or insurance, this will also be highlighted for you to sort out.  Don't ignore it as they will follow up.

If we can be of any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us - 96 649 3762 or

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Have You Booked Your 2014 Holiday Yet? What About Travel Insurance?

With Christmas out of the way and all the celebrations finished, how many of us turn our thoughts to booking our 2014 holidays? Whether hot or cold trips float your boat, do you always remember to check your travel insurance cover before you book?

Like most things in life you get what you pay for, so if you are offered cover with the holiday at a really cheap price, you can almost guarantee that the cover isn't going to be that great. It is also worth mentioning pre-existing medical conditions. If you are not asked about these when taking the insurance, you can bet they won't be covered. If you have any conditions or take any medication make sure that you mention it when arranging your travel insurance. Some companies will provide cover and some won't. It is one of the first questions we ask clients when they contact us, so that we can be sure the cover you get is correct and you won't get any problems should you be taken ill.

Check the level of cover provided under the policy for medical treatment and repatriation. I recently heard of a policy (not one of ours), where the repatriation cover was 450euros. You would be lucky to get to the edge of town with that level of cover, let alone transported back to your home country.

Valuables cover is always a good one to look at too. Don't just check the overall level of baggage cover, check the individual values as well. If you are jetting off with all your jewellery in your hand luggage, check that the value per individual item will cover the most expensive piece. If it doesn't then you have a choice to ask if the cover can be increased, accept that it won't be fully covered or leave some items at home.

If you are the athletic type you might consider some sporting activities whilst away. Always check that these are covered. Most policies won't cover professional sports or dangerous sports as standard, but will give a list of the sports that are covered. For the skiers amongst you, winter sports is usually an add on, so make sure you mention that you will be hitting the slopes.

Whatever you are planning, wherever in the world, contact us and see what we can offer you for your travel insurance. We can even cover students on their gap year.