Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Have You Booked Your 2014 Holiday Yet? What About Travel Insurance?

With Christmas out of the way and all the celebrations finished, how many of us turn our thoughts to booking our 2014 holidays? Whether hot or cold trips float your boat, do you always remember to check your travel insurance cover before you book?

Like most things in life you get what you pay for, so if you are offered cover with the holiday at a really cheap price, you can almost guarantee that the cover isn't going to be that great. It is also worth mentioning pre-existing medical conditions. If you are not asked about these when taking the insurance, you can bet they won't be covered. If you have any conditions or take any medication make sure that you mention it when arranging your travel insurance. Some companies will provide cover and some won't. It is one of the first questions we ask clients when they contact us, so that we can be sure the cover you get is correct and you won't get any problems should you be taken ill.

Check the level of cover provided under the policy for medical treatment and repatriation. I recently heard of a policy (not one of ours), where the repatriation cover was 450euros. You would be lucky to get to the edge of town with that level of cover, let alone transported back to your home country.

Valuables cover is always a good one to look at too. Don't just check the overall level of baggage cover, check the individual values as well. If you are jetting off with all your jewellery in your hand luggage, check that the value per individual item will cover the most expensive piece. If it doesn't then you have a choice to ask if the cover can be increased, accept that it won't be fully covered or leave some items at home.

If you are the athletic type you might consider some sporting activities whilst away. Always check that these are covered. Most policies won't cover professional sports or dangerous sports as standard, but will give a list of the sports that are covered. For the skiers amongst you, winter sports is usually an add on, so make sure you mention that you will be hitting the slopes.

Whatever you are planning, wherever in the world, contact us and see what we can offer you for your travel insurance. We can even cover students on their gap year.