Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Going Away For Christmas - Security Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and by now most of us have our plans in place for the festive period. Unfortunately, thieves also have their plans in place too. Here are a few ideas to make sure that your plans don't coincide! If you are going away for Christmas, whether on holiday or to visit family, tell as few people as possible outside of those that need to know. We all like to chat about our plans for the festive season, especially over a glass of wine or two, but do you know who might be listening in? Arrange for a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, or maybe park their spare car outside your house, so it looks like someone is coming and going. Install timers on a couple of lights and maybe the radio. At a glance it will look like someone is there. DON'T put comments on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media network sites. You might be seeing the grandchildren shortly or heading off to the sun, but do you know who is reading your postings and possibly rubbing their hands in glee, as they now know you won't be there. Likewise, make sure that children don't make these postings either. If you have recently purchased new electrical equipment make sure that you dispose of the packaging properly. Don't leave it outside your home or on view, you are advertising that there is something new available. If you have an alarm system make sure that you use it, even if you only plan to be away from home for a few hours, going out to dinner. It is a deterrent. Most of these things are common sense and we know that we are probably telling you how to suck eggs, but better to be safe. Most of all, have a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year from all of us at Dragon Insurance. We will be back with more information and advice in 2014.