Thursday, 13 February 2014

Are Your Car Insurance Documents Correct?

You've contacted the insurance company, made the arrangements for the insurance, paid the premium and the documents have arrived. Did you actually check them before putting them in the glove box?

It is important that you check that the basic information on the policy i.e. name, address, vehicle description and most importantly Registration Number are correct.

Why is the registration number most important?  Whether your vehicle is UK or Spanish registered the registration number will be used to register your vehicle as being insured on the MID (UK) or Trafico (Spain) databases.  It is these databases that the police use to check if your vehicle is insured if you are stopped whilst out and about. An error in the registration number and your vehicle won't show up which could result in a fine. We are all human and these things happen occasionally. Over the telephone letters and numbers can be misheard or accidentally transposed. 2 minutes just to check that it is all correct could save you hassle and money.

Recently, Trafico have been sending letters out showing the details that they have on you and your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't have an ITV or insurance, this will also be highlighted for you to sort out.  Don't ignore it as they will follow up.

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