Monday, 17 June 2013

Car Insurance - Should I Cancel It Whilst I'm Away?

Many of you will spend part of your year living in Spain and part in another country, but have a vehicle that you leave here in Spain whilst you are away. We are sometimes asked to cancel insurance policies on vehicles "because I won't be using it for the next x number of months". How many of you realise that this isn't legal?

With a Spanish insurance you will usually insure the vehicle for any driver over the age of x (check with your company as they all vary), or you will expressly state named drivers. In the UK the insurance covers the person and not the vehicle, totally different.

The law in Spain states that every vehicle must be insured, unless it is listed in Trafico records as being off the road or scrapped (like the UK Sorn).

Many of you will lock the vehicle in a garage, behind locked gates, in secure parking etc, but what happens if you have cancelled the insurance and the vehicle does get stolen?  You, as the registered owner would be held liable for any accidents, damage or personal injury that occurs if the vehicle is being driven by an unauthorised driver, as it is your responsibility as the registered owner to have the vehicle insured at all times.

None of us have a crystal ball to know whether this will happen or not, but in the current climate where people are getting desperate, it is worth giving serious thought before you ask for the policy to be cancelled, as it could cost you more than a year's insurance.

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