Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How Do I Claim on My Travel Insurance?

It is coming to that time of year when we think about going away on holiday. Tickets booked, bags packed, travel insurance purchased and off we go. But then something happens whilst we are in transit or away and we want to claim on the travel insurance, so what do we do now??

Claims for delays, cancellations or lost/damaged luggage, always keep any documents, receipts and if possible the damaged item. If you can't keep the item then make sure that you take plenty of photos from all angles, preferably with a date stamp on the photos. If items have been damaged in transit make sure you report it to the relevant company and get something in writing from them to confirm your complaint.

Medical situations will depend on the severity of the illness. If it is a minor complaint that can be dealt with by a doctor as an outpatient, make sure that you keep any paperwork/receipts, as generally you will have to pay for the treatment/medication and claim this back from the insurance company.

If inpatient treatment is necessary, you or your representative will need to call the assistance number that is provided by the insurance company on your policy. They will then discuss your needs and requirements with the hospital and make arrangements/payment for you.

In all cases, keep all receipts and paperwork that might be needed at a later date to assist with your claim. If in doubt, read the terms and conditions that come with the policy as it will tell you the minimum information needed.

"I've booked a trip but changed my mind about going. Can I claim my money back under the cancellation cover?" No. There has to be a particular reason to cancel and changing your mind isn't one of them.

The airline/airport might be closed due to a strike. Can I claim for this if I can't travel? This depends on when you booked the trip. If the strike had been advertised for a certain date and you booked a trip for that date knowing that you might not be able to travel, then the insurers will probably not cover it. If you booked before any announcements were made, fully covered.

Going back to the medical cover and on a slightly different issue, the EHIC card. There have been many reports in the press recently where hospitals/GPs in Spain have not accepted this card. If you are considering using this option to obtain emergency treatment make sure that you visit the right place. Spain has social security hospitals/GPs (NHS equivalent) which will accept the EHIC card for emergency treatment, but you might find that spoken English is limited and a translator or assistance necessary. There are a great many private hospitals/GPs who will speak English, but will not accept the EHIC card and will require payment for treatment. It is always best to check before making an appointment or receiving treatment so there are no nasty surprises at the end.

Happy travelling.

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