Thursday, 18 April 2013

Funeral Insurance - Why Bother?

This is the one insurance policy that you are guaranteed to make a claim against, unless there are terrific improvements in medical science and they find a way to stop us dying and allow us to live forever.

It is a subject that msot people don't want to talk about, but the facts of life are such that we need to consider what we want and make a provision. The Spanish have a more abrupt approach and generally take out a funeral policy for their children at birth, which then continues throughout their life. Not something that we northern Europeans usually consider.

Would your family know what to do, who to contact and your wishes, especially if you are in Spain and they are in the UK?

By taking out either Funeral Insurance or a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan you are taking the responsible approach and making life easier for your family, at what is always an emotional and stressful time. Everything will be paid for, your wishes can be stipulated in advance so your family just need to make 1 phone call and the arrangements will be sorted out for them.

Many people in Spain choose to leave their body to medical science in the belief that this is a free service and no funeral plans need to be made. Before you go down this route you need to be sure that you know the terms and conditions that apply. If there is any possibility that you have a contagious disease when you die, or if you die in a car accident or in any suspicious circumstances you will not be acceptable. The body has to be available to be passed to the teaching facility within 36 hours of death or you will not be accepted and what happens then?

None of us can predict when we will die or the circumstances. Is it worth the gamble and financial pressures on your family to not take out some cover?  It can be cheaper than you think.

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